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...lover of family, fashion, travel, fitness, cooking and entertaining…and of course teaching golf. 

i've spent almost 30 years in the golf industry and am a nationally recognized top professional golf instructor.

Gia_0165.jpg passion for teaching, connecting people, inspiring, and helping women to find the best in themselves, has led me to the creation of Golf Experiences for Her and this site. i would love to inspire you to try new things on and off the golf course.
i've traveled the world as the host of two golf & lifestyle television series and i am excited to share with you what i’ve learned. 
...would be thrilled to work with you for a speaking engagement, a golf lesson, a private event, or join me for one of my women's golf school experiences.
my goal is to inspire girls and women of all ages to try new things, to realize that uncomfortable doesn't mean impossible, to get confident in the kitchen, to take that first step towards a healthier lifestyle, to be daring with fashion, and of course, to be fearless when it comes to the game of golf!  
thanks for checking HER out and visit us often on instagram @trywithgia a place to be inspired, to be encouraged to try something new, or to share your very best ideas with others.

come try with me!



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