What We Do


"Golf Experiences for Her motivates women to learn how to play golf, enhance their existing golf games, entertain clients, or simply seize the opportunity to develop existing relationships in a first-class customized and idyllic setting - all with help of golf’s top instructors, and in a way not offered by other instructional programs."

 - gia


HER Experiences

Through Golf Experiences for Her, I offer clubs and guests the opportunity to customize their day by supplementing their golf itinerary with a variety of lifestyle modules.  Our modules can include segments of corporate leadership training and team building, as well as segments dedicated to more luxurious interests such as fashion, gastronomy, wine, or wellness.




HER Experiences

Our events strengthen relationships and build confidence, leaving women feeling energized, enriched, and confident in their golf games and ready to accept their next golf invitation.

A typical day might involve breakfast and a morning full swing or short game clinic, followed by an elegant three-course lunch with wine pairings, a culinary demonstration, or a session of sunset yoga on one of our courses most scenic locations, all followed by evening cocktails and socializing.

  What Else Do We Do?

"Golf Professionals, introducing Golf Experiences for Her   to the club is an opportunity to showcase your venue as an attractive option for potential new membership, to perhaps better appeal to your members' spouses, or to continue to grow your ladies program.  And if you are looking for a fabulous way to entertain your female membership during men's member guests?  I am available to host your ladies at Hamilton Farm GC for the day or sweep them away on a special luxury golf retreat." 

  - gia



Let me help you build a stronger women's community at your golf club.

Many clubs, resorts, and specialty golf venues don't have sufficient time and resources to dedicate to growing a valuable ladies' program. My experience has proven time and again, that there are certain approaches that work better than others when it comes to creating a program for women that will serve to benefit both them and the club itself.  I offer clubs and venues a way to bring in an expert, set up a tailored program, and impart on the current staff what will be required to keep that program growing and flourishing.

I also routinely support clubs already staffed with female and female-oriented professionals. Whether it be by assisting in the restructuring of their current program offerings, or by working hand-in-hand with new or legacy staff, my objective is to bring a fresh perspective to programs that will in turn allow my clients the ability to offer their membership something new and different, or to simply increase attendance at weekly events. 




The economics of outsourcing these functions, whether it be on a monthly, bimonthly, or annual basis, while relying on current professional staff to then maintain and grow the programs, is an option more and more clubs are beginning to recognize.

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