olive and hot pepper toast

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

a couple years ago, chris and i went on a date night to a new restaurant in princeton, and on their bar menu was warm olives with hot peppers and bread. oh my...simple, but genius... pretty much three of my favorite things. we both loved it... and so i was determined to recreate my own version of the dish.

one of the things i love about this appetizer/side is that it's super easy and i am all about cooking shortcuts right now.

i used a le creuset grill pan to work with because i love the versatility... i can cook on the top of the stove and then place in the oven to keep warm, and of course serving on a warm plate is always lovely. you can use whatever works best for you and is oven safe.

not sure about your grocery, but mine has an amazing olive bar and a i literally buy everything but the bread for this dish on there.

components |

  • good olive oil

  • favorite olives (pitted)

  • garlic (whole)

  • red hot peppers

  • small green hot peppers or shisito's

  • favorite crusty bread in aluminum foil

  • salt & pepper

pre heat oven to 350 degrees. add bread in foil to oven to warm, while you are preparing the olives.

warm skillet pan over medium heat. add a nice big drizzle of olive oil all over. allow the oil to get hot, add the garlic and allow it to cook for a couple minutes to flavor oil and pan. add hot peppers to sear a bit. once hot peppers are soft, add the olives to warm them up.

cut or rip up your bread. if you like your bread more crusty, take the foil off and leave in oven for a few more minutes to get an outside crust, if like your bread more toasted... slice your bread, place on a baking tray and back into the oven until you have a nice toast on outside. the great part about toasting the sliced bread, is that you can add and extra garlic punch. once out of oven, take a piece of raw garlic and scrap the toast. it's so good!

place bread under the olives, hot peppers and garlic and give a nice drizzle of olive oil over the top and add a little salt & pepper(i season everything!)

could be perfect with cocktails... and would even make a nice side with your favorite steak.

would love to know if you've made something like this before? ... or if you gave this recipe a go... xo gia

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