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Updated: Mar 12, 2019

i love makeup. makeup is just one of those special things that can elevate your self esteem and make you feel confident fairly quickly. yes, yes... i know... beauty comes from within, but a little confidence boost on the outside can make all the difference.

i know as soon as i moisturize, touch up a few spots with concealer, add a little cream blush and curl my eyelashes(see 'the latest' for some ideas), i'm ready to start my day. some evenings or special events, when i put the whole face on.... watch out... cause i feel like a million bucks!

over the years, i've learned a lot of tips and tricks from makeup artists i've work with on different magazine and tv shoots. on a regular basis, i use a lot of what i learned from them and can't wait to share those tips with you.

for this particular post though, i was curious how to create the perfect natural makeup look, a face that would last all day and maybe even into the evening. sometimes less is more, but in the makeup world... when your really good at it, the more makeup you add, should actually start to look more natural and not clown-like... crazy right!


i'm super lucky to be friends with some amazingly, talented women. i reached out to the my sweet friends, amy baskin, owner of beauty on location. amy just so happens to be one of the most sought after make up artists for weddings in the tri-state area. i know i sometimes think of wedding makeup as 'heavy' makeup. but, amy has found a way to create the most flawless, natural makeup on her brides. so what's amy's secret?

amy began prepping my face with a spritz of rose water, added a nice water based cream (nothing heavy) and then added a face oil on top of the moisturizer. the oil felt so good on my skin... something i started using last summer. you would think oil would be greasy on your face, but it's not at all... your skin will adore it and the oil will also help your foundation lay nicely. next, a little eye cream and lip moisturizer(i love my hanalei lip treatment)

next, IT cosmetics cc cream was placed under my eyes, and around my forehead. amy said to "pick a color that matches your skin tone". this foundation is actually the one i've been using, even before i knew she was a fan... the 50 spf foundation will even out your skin and has a natural skeen to it, that will help make your skin glow. next, add a good concealer under your eyes and spot treat in areas that might be a little red. also, add a little concealer to the top of your lids as a base for your eyeshadow. spritz a little rose water on a beauty blender to moisten, as that will really help blend your foundation and concealer well.

eyebrows are next, and if you know me... you know i love a good eyebrow. if you aren't doing anything to your eyebrows currently, you are doing your gorgeous face a disservice. amy used a brow stencil on me and filled with a powder similar to my eyebrow color... wonderful for ladies not used to working with their eyebrows. (there are a bunch of brow kits at sephora that include these stencils.) i free hand my eyebrows with a pencil and then fill in with a wonderful powder by the eyebrow queen anatasia (this is the color i use). amy went with a warmer tone on my eyebrows this day.

next, amy began contouring my face with a smashbox contour stick... she began in the middle of my ear, under the cheek bone and worked up. she also added contour to the top of my forehead... making almost a 'nike swoosh'- like shape. used a beauty blender to soften by blending upwards into the forehead.

amy chose a lovely light color(see pics below) from a tarte palette for my eyeshadow, and added the color as an all over base to my eyelid, she then chose a little darker color and worked the color into the crease of my eyelid creating dimension. a little tip amy shared was to make sure to keep your eye open when you add the shadow to the crease and work up from the outer corner of your eye. use a light color blush to also swipe under the eye, over your lower lashes.

next, amy chose a brown eyeliner pencil to add to the top of my lashes and then used a small brush to soften the harsh line. brown seems to be the perfect day color eyeliner for blondes... another good tip!

i like to curl my own lashes! be sure to buy a good lash curler... amy suggested you 'pump' the curler instead of just squeezing it on your lower lashes... try 'wiggling your brush' to help separate them.

i adored the cream blush amy used on my cheeks... i believe the blush was from chantecaille... i have a tarte cream blush that is wonderful as well. add the blush to the apples of your cheeks(where you naturally blush) and blend higher... the cream goes on so smooth. again, you can use the beauty blender to place it exactly where you want and smooth out. powder blush is great as well! add a little blush highlighter to the higher portion of your cheek bone and work up into the side of your forehead.

i have a pinkish tone to my lips, so i like to use a lip liner that is flesh colored and almost matches my lips. amy used a nude colored liner and then swiped a lovely gloss on top. choose what you feel prettiest in, but if your not sure... head over to sephora or a beauty counter at a major department store and let them try a few different shades on you. nothing worse than buying a lipstick/gloss online or in a store, not getting a chance to try on... and then realizing it doesn't flatter you.

to finish, maybe use a little powder on your beauty blender to dab your t-zone and under your eyes again. and of course, always spritz with rose water! one of my fav rose water's is found in jersey city at walker's apothecary ... the owner gives the most amazing facials and can make your eyebrows look stunning... a true artist! lol

i know this all seems like a ton of steps... maybe one day you try doing new foundation and then the next day, you try contouring, but don't feel like you have to tackle all this at once. grab a girlfriend and work through some of the steps together, i guarantee you will pick up at least one new makeup trick or at the very least, have fun doing it!

my everyday look takes about 5 minutes... but, i love being able to know how to re-create this beautiful, natural makeup look when i need to go somewhere special. a huge thank you to amy and monika(photographer) for spending so much time with me. mwah

would love to hear your makeup tips and tricks... please comment on this post if you would like to share. xo gia

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