looking into a new year with new rules

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

there are lots of rules we have to follow in our lives, when it comes to golf, however, we don't necessarily need to follow all the rules... now, don't get me wrong, i'm thrilled with the new rule changes put in place for 2019, truly believe they will help speed up play and enjoyment of the game. but, if you are not playing competitively, and not keeping a score to post for a handicap, then playing with relaxed rules is just fine by me.

this is especially true for newer golfers. the feeling of needing to keep a score or making sure you aren't 'doing anything wrong' isn't necessary. learning to play golf is a slow process and the more you begin to grasp, the more gets put into play. as long as you understand pace of play... golf clubs and resorts don't care if you tee up the ball in the middle of the fairway.

so, for 2019... be patient with yourself if you are learning. take some lessons and make sure you spend a good part of that time on the course with you instructor learning how to navigate a golf hole. ask your club, instructor or friends to hook you up with other golfers looking to play a more 'relaxed' game. go ahead and ground that golf club in the bunkers, hit that extra tee ball if you have no one behind you, play 3 holes, play 6 holes, play however many holes make sense in your life and especially be kind to yourself.

hopefully, the new rules of golf set in place by the USGA and R&A will make the game more fun and less intimating to some... but until you are ready to incorporate the rules into your game, allowing for a relaxed set of rules will help build your confidence, leading you to a more wonderful day on the course.

oh, and if you are looking to for a fabulous resource to learn about the new rules of golf... click on USGA.

xo gia

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