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no lashes... only a lash lift and tint!


(picture color varies due to lighting)

i misplaced my fav eyelash curler that i used daily.  i then bought a new one that proceeded to rip my lashes off. i knew i needed to lay off the curler for awhile, so i reached out to a popular boutique lash studio for some options. the owner, leslie, told me about the ellebana lash lift & tint, and thought it could be something i might like and could be a good option for me.  i set up an appointment, popped in with a clean face and after an hour... left with beautifully separated, curled lashes and what looked like mascara... thrilled with the results. 

here's what to expect when you go... 

  •  lashes are cleaned and wrapped around a silicone rod 

  •  then a lift lotion is used to break down the keratin on your lashes (6 minutes)

  •  a setting lotion is added to reconfigure the keratin bond. where your lashes were once straight, they are now curled around  the silicon rod that has been placed on lashes (5 minutes)

  •  next, the silicone rod is removed, lashes are cleaned off and then a black tint in painted onto lashes (sits for 10 minutes)


yes, chemicals are used to alter shape of the lashes, but never touches your skin or your eyes.  there are a little fumes, but they didn't bother me and leslie used a small fan to move the air around my eye. the experience was seamless, and i basically got to relax on a comfy table while leslie did her magic! i left with a keratin aftercare clear 'mascara' to keep my lashes healthy and i love how it adds a gloss to my tinted lashes.

the ellebana lash & lift lasts 6 -8 weeks, and the tint can last 2-6 weeks depending on your natural lash color...tinting doesn't do any damage to lashes, so you can re-tint after 2 weeks if you would like. 

 oh, and looking for something fun for a special occasion, charlie's lashes has colored extensions... so fun! 

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