How We Do It


“I make a concerted effort to learn about my students; how they process information, what teaching style may work best for them, about how their body naturally moves, about what injuries they may be coping with, about their experiences in other sports, and about their goals in golf.  It’s all about listening. By actively listening, I learn where my students are in their game, what’s truly holding them back, and how we can advance their game during our time together.”

 - gia

From the moment our guests arrive, and even beforehand, they will quickly see that our Golf Experiences are not their typical clinic. I correspond with guests in advance of our day(s) to learn about them and their game, their strengths, their limitations and goals for the day. Upon arrival, ladies are indulged in five-star service more akin to a spa than lesson tee. Morning cocktails, light and healthy breakfast options, and white linen service all set the tone for the day, during which I go through an individual movement assessment with each of my guests to better understand how their bodies move and to help facilitate that movement through their specific golf swings.   


I believe that many women are social beings by nature and thrive in environments where they feel welcome and supported.  Our working breakfasts help lay that important foundation and open our guests up to learning.


Prior to the Experience, we work with the Professional Staff to tailor the instruction for the desired demographic.  If we are working with avid golfers, we might spend more time working wedge play and on course trouble shots. Newer golfers will learn foundational fundamentals in order to build a solid golf swing.  Additionally, given the small intimate group settings, We are able to target my guests’ goals during our time spent together.  Information conveyed during the instruction portion can be passed along to their respective instructors, allowing my guests to continue in their growth.

My philosophy is that a proper golf sequence is essential for creating an effective motion. The fundamentals of a golfer’s setup will write the script for how the golfer will swing the club. Grip (how they hold the club and pressure), posture (is it an athletic posture which allows them to properly set up to an iron or longer clubbed shot), stance (how will they set their feet), aim (aiming their club face at their intended target) and alignment (their ability to place their body correctly in relationship to the target) - These solid basics will create a foundation to create a repeatable efficient and effective golf swing.

Golf Experiences for Her   simultaneously provide guests with a venue to indulge in a selection of unique lifestyle elements.  So whether it be a combination of golf coupled with a culinary experience or a variety of modules focused on team building, fashion, wine, or wellness – these events are special days curated just for the desires of our female guests.

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